September 20, 2005!!

so school has been really busy. i can't believe it is almost 4 weeks into it! a 1/4 of the way through!! yeah!! only 12 weeks left. but it feels like school just started. it is going so fast. i can't wait until christmas.september is almost over. just 10 more days until october.
i am reading the runaway jury by john grisham. it is a good book. i am about 300 pages into it. i have another book by him called the street lawyer. i am going to read it next! i hope it is just as good.i love to read. i still have a huge stack of books that i want to read. i will eventually get through them. i want to finish most of them by next august if i can so when i move to a new school i would have finished most of them and i won't have to worry about them. and it will just get them off my floor.

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