September 25, 2005

mini vacation

so my 4 day weekend has been extended to a 6 day weekend! i don't have to go back to school until wednesday!! wohoo!! guess what i have been doing to my computer the past day?? i have been reloading everything onto my computer. i got that trojan through instant messanger in may and i have never been able to get it to go away because it replicates itself so if you delete it and then turn off your computer and then turn it back on it will reappear. and then for some strange reason yesterday i could log on to the internet with my computer but i could do it on everyone else's computer. so i just decided to clear everything off of my computer and reinstall everthing. even xp. so i was up until 5:15 this morning just clearing everything off and reloading xp. then i went to sleep. i got up right before noon and started reloading drivers and utilities and the internet on to my computer. that is how i can be on the internet right now. it sorta gave me a change to clear off all the things that i don't want on my computer. it was a pain but now i can just load back all the fun programs that don't require you to think when loading. i still haven't gotten the sound driver to load back yet. i will have to keep trying or call dell. hopefully i can fix it. i had a tough time with my wireless card because i got andrew's old wireless card and he had lost the installation disk so i had to search all around the internet for the installation file but i eventually found it. i had to load the old dial up stuff to get it but that is ok. it is probably not a bad idea to have it just in case the dsl goes out.

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