September 22, 2005

getting prepared

so we are mostly prepared. we got food and some water and all that. we have brought in most of the stuff that was outside. just a few little things left to bring in before it comes. today my mom had me go around and take pictures of all of our stuff just in case we get totally flooded out and have to go to the insurance and i took tons of pictures of inside and the outside of our house and cars and stuff. then i downloaded it to my computer. then i burned it to a cd. so all these pictures are in 3 different places: camera memory card, cd, and computer so hopefully at least one of those will be left if we get flooded. i don't think we will get flooded out that bad where i am. i think at the worst just the roads will be flooded. i just hope. we will just to see how much rain we get here. oh i also did laundry just in case we lose power and don't get it back for a while. we found all this camping stuff that we used to take out on camping trips so we will be able to cook even if we don't have power!! yeah!! ugh i am so tired of the news. it is on 24 hours a day. i mean it is good to hear about it but i am just tired of it. i want to watch my regular shows!!

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