September 10, 2005

my doggies.....

so i was watching the news this morning and they had this part about rescueing all the animals that were left behind after the hurricane. most of them have been starving for a week. and there was the farm that had a goat. it was still fenced in its cage and when the water got really high he tried to keep his head up above the water. so when they found it after the water had gone down they found it caught on the fence dead. it basically hung itself trying to stay above the water. it was so sad. they actually showed it on tv............i started to cry because it was so sad. think of all the animals left behind when the owners left. so there is an organization going into all the houses and collecting all the animals and feeding them. they said they are leaving notes behind to tell the owners that they took them and where to find them. and then they showed reunions with the owners. it was so happy. i would not leave without my doggies!!!! i love them too much!!

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