September 02, 2005

the week in summary

so it is friday night. i am watching forrest gump on tv. i love the dsl because i can be anywhere and still be on the internet. my sister is swim team captian. she has a whole bunch of people over from the team so the rest of us are in my parents room so they can have the tv in the playroom. so i am here watching tv and posting here.
the first week of school is over. i only had a half day today. i love that. so i was home for lunch. i got to relax all afternoon. i feel asleep in front of tv. i took the dogs on 2 walks as i always do.
so i like most my teachers so far. my math teacher sometimes doesn't seem like he knows what he is doing but he seems nice. i am glad i got the study guide for the book so hopefully i can understand all the stuff. anyway i learned a lot of this stuff in precal.

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