August 17, 2005


so i had my chemistry final today. i think i did ok. i am not sure. i tried all the problems so hopefully i get partial credit on everything. if i get over a 50 i will have a B. if i get an A on the final i will get an A in the class.
tomorrow is my world religion final. i only have to get a 30 to get an A in the class. i got an A on the project where we had to go to another religion's church service. i didn't think i wrote that good of a paper but i didn't get a perfect 100 on it. i got a 90 i think. 180/200 points. i think. so i have 870/1000 points so far and i have to get 900 to get an A so just 30 more points and i will have an A!!! :)
i have no idea what i have in bowling. we will have to see when i take the final on sunday.
i have a week off after all my finals.

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