August 04, 2005


I hate that time of the month....... It makes you feel really bad for a few days. I am sure all girls can relate to this!! So now I officially have 2 weeks left of school!! One week of normal classes and then finals!! ainsley starts in a week. So does Andrew. Sorry to say this but I can't wait until he leaves. He is on my case about everything!! And last night he tried to tell us that the shuttle explosion 2 years ago was not over regions weekend but it so totally was. I remember being in the hotel room watching the news and them showing the explosion!!! And when I said this he was like no stupid!! It was not over regions!! I was like yeah it was!!! It was the year that regions was early and that it was a week after districts. Just because I go to community college does not mean I am stupid even though it feels like everyone treats me like I am. I think I am pretty smart. I have above a 3.0 GPA. I am not going to say what it is because it is going to change in 2 weeks so it really doesn't matter.
in my chemistry class there is this girl that complains how she has a 4.0 GPA and that the chemistry class is going to lower it because she does not have an A!!! I am like get over it!!(I really don't tell her that) but just because you might get a B is not going to ruin your life. I understand that she wants to apply to hygiene school but one B will not totally ruin her chances. if she does not get in, she should just take it again and get an A because she has taken it already. but that doesn't always work because my lab partner that never comes has taken it 3 times and i think she is going to fail it again because 1. she never comes to classes or labs 2. she never turns in stuff because of #1 and 3. i think she has failed the tests (at least the last one because she barely worked on it for 5 minutes before she turned it in and it looked like the first page was blank). i fortunately have an A so far (i think)
yesterday i talked to my english teacher that i had for 1301 and asked her if she was teaching 1302. she didn't know and on the website where you search for classes doesn't have the teachers up either. i really want to get english over with by taking it in the fall. i also want to have my old math teacher for trig but they haven't put the math teachers up yet either. but i know all my other teachers.
i think that is enough for now.

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