August 11, 2005


Guess what?!!! We are getting DSL!!!! I never thought that we would get anything better than dial-up. But a couple days ago my dad was like we are getting DSL!! So the service starts next Tuesday. They are suppose to be sending us our modem soon. And I have to get a wireless card so I can get on the network because we are going to have a wireless network. And my computer does not have a wireless card, it just has and Ethernet card in it and a dial up modem. but my brother has a wireless card for his old laptop so we are going to see if it will work on mine. i think his new computer came with a wireless card so he won't need the other one. I AM SO EXCITED!! we can all be on at the same time and get phone calls at the same time!! i think that is what i am going to like the best. i mean the speed is going to be a plus but i would get yelled at to get off the internet so someone can use the phone or get on the internet. so now i can stay on as long as i want and i won't block phone calls or everyone else from the internet. when you have unlimited time, it doesn't have to be super fast. but it will be faster anyway. if i could have it my way we would have cable internet because that is the fastest but we would have to do so much more to install it because my dad says that our cable connector thing that connects our house to the cable is old and we would have to replace that and get the cable box for digital cable and get the cable line added to a couple more rooms and stuff and it would be a major pain. i think that is a run on sentence but i don't feel like changing it. but i hope you guys understood what i was saying. anyway any upgrade is better than dial-up. so you guys will see me on the internet a lot more starting next week. at least on AIM.

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