August 23, 2005

i have been Tagged!!

so i got tagged today by Carl. so i have to post five unique, obsessive traits on my blog and pass it on to five of my blogging friends. i will give it my best try.
1) i love to write letters and get mail.
2) i like to do laundry and the dishes!!! i don't know anyone else that likes to do it.
3) i am collecting all the 50 state quarters as they come out each year and put them on a map that i have
4) i love to read. i have books piled up next to my bed waiting to be read. someday i will post a picture of all the books i have just in my room. i have donated tons of books over the years and some got put in the bookshelves in my playroom. my sister says reading is not good for your brain. can you tell she doesn't like to read.
5) i collect pennies. every time i get a penny i put it into a jar. i only started this a couple years ago but the last time i cleaned out the jar it had at least $4.50 in it. it is only a 10 oz glass coke bottle.
this is supposed to be a chain thing. i am not sure if they will do it but i tried. if i tagged you, you need to put your five unique obsessive traits on your blog and then tag 5 people. here are the people i tagged:


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