August 19, 2005


well my chemistry grade was posted and i got a B. that means i got above a 50 on the final. i am kinda disappointed that i didn't get an A but at least i got one A this summer in world religion. my GPA went up this summer. i slept in pretty late today. my first day of my one week vacation. except for sunday where i have my bowling final. that is going to be interesting because i have no idea what to expect and i have no idea how i am doing in the class because we have no homework or just one test that was only like 10% of our grade so it won't affect our grad at all. but i got an 80% on that test so if you base it on that test i would have a B. but attendence is like 40% of our grade so i 100% on that. oh well. we will see by monday. no real plans for the week except for a dentist appointment and i have to go get my books but that is about it. i am hoping some of my friends will want to do some stuff before school starts again.

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