August 11, 2005

even more...

i just keep thinking of more to say. yesterday i paid for my fall classes and the line was so long. but someone came through and told all the people that were paying it in full could go to this express line. so it bumped me up from like 10th in line to 2nd so that cut out 15minutes of waiting in line!! lots of people were doing this installment plan thing. but i have hardworking parents that can put down $700 at one time for my tuition. i love my parents!! there were so many people there trying to register too. and i heard one person ask an advicer what to do if they couldn't get any classes that they wanted to take. i don't remember what the advicer said but i just remember thinking that i was glad i went ahead and signed up for classes even thought i ended up signing up for economics instead of english. but i got all the other classes that i wanted. i was waiting to see if they would put up the english teachers but they haven't so i just signed up for economics. anyway i think it worked out that none of the english classes would fit in my schedule. oh well i will try to do it in the spring. i ended up signing up for:
History 1302(reconstruction to now)
math 1316 (trig)
Chemistry 1411 (general Chemisrty 1)
Biology 1406 (Biology 1)
Economics 2301 (macro)
so now you get to know what i am taking in the fall. and the chemistry and Biology are taught together so that will make it easier and i heard that chem 1411 is almost exactly the same as chem 1405 (which i have like an 89 in now). if i do really well on my final in chemistry i think i will get in A in the class. woppy!!

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