March 20, 2005

spring break and stuff

so i haven't done anything great this week. i have been very lazy.....i didn't do any homework until today. but i have done the history assignment that is due tomorrow. and then i am going to study for my history test that is on wednesday. and then i think that is all that is due this week. but i still need to work on math homework. we just started a new chapter so the homework won't be due for a couple of weeks.
i have made up my summer schedule. i will be taking 6 classes. earning a total of 19 hours!!! i will be all caught up after this summer!! woo hoo!!! go me. now i just have to register and pass the classes. the school just realized that i went to SFA last semester and they want a transcript!!! even though i didn't get any credits. isn't that stupid?? so i have requested for a transcript to be sent to my school. and i think it should be there but of course since it was spring break no one was there to put it in so it is just sitting there. how fun!!! anyway the hard part is trying to figure out the schedule so all i have to do is put in the classes i want to take and then i am done!!!
yesterday we had a thunderstorm. i love rain!! who else does??
did you guys see the wake forest vs. west virginia game last night?? oh my gosh!!!! what a game!!! double overtime!!! and there were tons of 3-point shots!!! i don't think i have seen that many in one game!!! well anyway it was a great game!!!
and so far i have gotten 14 comments on the last post!!! yeah!!! lets keep it going!!! i have added a few comments. keep putting them on the post with the 14 comments

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