March 02, 2005

dum dum dum

i hate periods!!!it makes me feel so awful........ the pains of being a woman. uggghhhh........
sorry guys!!!!
from my seat in the classroom right now it looks like it has started to rain again. well at least it is very cloudy and dark and i just see a wall and a little bit of sky and that is what it looks like. only 2 more classes for the week. i don't have english tomorrow so i can leave right after math!!! yeah!!! and that will be at like 11am!!! :)
i took notes on chp 5 for history for extra credit on the last test. i need extra credit. but hopefully i can drop the last test. but if i can't with the extra credit i think it will be ok. so i think my history class will be my lowest grade this semester but i am still aiming for an A. i have A's on my homework grades. it is just that last test. i actually got a pretty good parking spot today. i parked on the other side of the campus because my computer is on one side and my other class is on the other side of campus next to the other parking lot. and the nice thing about this school is that you can park anywhere you want and you don't have to buy a permit or parking sticker or anything so when i decide to go to my next class i will drive my car to the other side and park and walk to class. this probably will make me sound lazy. i guess i am. but i might not move my car at all. depends how i feel when it comes time to do it.

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