March 09, 2005


i am tired. i think i always say that. so registration for the summer has started. i have pretty much figured out which classes i want to take. i just need to register.
tomorrow is ainsley's birthday. i am going to make her birthday cake and i am planing to make blueberry muffins tomorrow morning (if i can get up in time!!) yeah. i have to get up pretty early to make breakfeast. but i think i can do it. i am will probably go to bed early tonight. i think if i ask my mom, she will help me get up. maybe at like 5:15am. i was able to do it last friday so hopefully i can do it again. :)
this morning i started the pot roast for dinner tonight. my hands smell like onions and i splattered my shirt when i was cooking the meat that i put in. but i didn't have time to change my shirt because i was running late. but it is just at the bottom of my shirt so hopefully at least when i am sitting down no one will notice!!!
i think i did well on my math test yesterday. i hopefully got an A. i will find out tomorrow!!!!

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