March 15, 2005

dream and stuff!!

i had the wierdest dream last night. alan alda was in it. he was at our house to visit. (i don't think that will ever happen because my luck isn't that good!!) anyway he wanted to go to this other person's house so we were like we can take you!! so we end up taking him to some person's house and we end up staying too. and they were like having a party so there were tons of people there. and they decid to go sailing in there boats so we all end up going. but they had 3 or 4 boats and we filled them all up with people. and then some of them start to sink. so i try to find alan. and he is like i am ok......i need to find whoever the host was so he goes off and i am like ok...i don't know any of these people and the boats are sinking. and there are tons of people running around panicking. so i think we all end up getting off on another boat. and then we ended up going home after that. i am not sure what happened to alan alda but i think he got off. i sure do hope so!!! anyway it is just a dream.
last night we were watching the twighligt zone and it was of this guy that was having this dream over and over again where he gets sentenced to death for murder. and he gets executed in the electrocution chair. (do any states use that anymore? i know texas doesn't) anyway everytime he dreams this dream the people are doing different things than they were doing in the dream before it. and after each execution the dream starts over again. sorta weird. i like the twighlight zone. sometimes it is creepy but i still like it. i got hooked over christmas because i think there was a marathon or something. anyway it is always on at midnight.
i haven't done anything this spring break. nobody is online to talk to and no one has called to see if i wanted to do anything. i could probably call but i don't know what to do. i might go shopping tomorrow. we will see.
one of the blogs that i usually read one time tried to get 1000 comments. i want to try for that!!! so i welcome any comments!!!! i want as many comments as i can get. say stuff that you have never been able to say before!!!!

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