February 19, 2005


it is almost the end of the day. i feel like i have gotten a lot of homework done. i finished all of my math homework. i have almost finised A Common Sense. i only have like 15 pages to read. i have highlighted a lot of stuff to put in my answers. there are 10 questions i have to answer on it and i have answers for at least 6 of them. i think the rest of the answers are in the last chapter. i was just getting a little tired from reading all that. the book itself isn't that long but it has an introduction that my mom said i should read. i think it was helpfull because it gave a background to Thomas Paine about him and stuff so i know a little bit more about him and why he wrote the stuff he did and all. after i finish all this stuff (which includes typing out all my answers) i will probably start working on my english paper. which isn't due until march 8th i think so i have a few weeks to work on that still. i already have a rough draft and someone from my class read it for me and wrote comments all over it. and i am going to have to add some stuff anyway because it has to be like 4 pages typed and my handwritten paper is 3 pages. but i think it is 4 pages double spaced. so that won't be too hard. (i hope!!) i think i might have set a new record for me!! so far i have been on AIM for 7 hours!!! i can't stay on that long at home!!! because it ties up the phone line and of course someone might be calling us. but of course we all have cell phones. but no one ever calls me on my cell phone. i think the last time i really used my cell phone was to call the AAA. i was so happy to have my cell phone that day. i really wish that we would get something like DSL or cable internet or some kind of high speed internet. we are still working on my dad. and my mom said that her office is working on getting wireless internet and that would require her to have high speed internet at home if she wanted to work from home or something like that and if we didn't upgrade she would have to spend more time at work. yuck!!! anyway hopefully we will have a breakthrough soon!!!

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