February 02, 2005

a quiz

City/State/Province you're from: Spring,TX
Aim sn: hawkeyepierce04
Reason for aim sn: i like hawkeyepierce from MASH
Do you enjoy reading my Blog:of course!!!
Interesting fact about you: am i really interesting??
Weird fact about you: i have a screw in my knee. is that weird?
Quote: ladies and gentlemen, pull down your pants and slide on the ice
Will you post this in your blog: of course!!!!

you guys should do that quiz. it is short. and easy!!!! so what are you guys up to?? i haven't gotten many comments lately. so i don't care what you say. tell me how your day was or about yourself or whatever. you can give me a suggestion on what to post. like certian questions or whatever. you guys can give me a question to post everyday. i am openminded you can ask anything you want or say anything you want.

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