February 08, 2005

i remember!!!

i had a math test today!!! it was a lot easier than i thought it would be!! and i gave my presentation in english today. it went ok but not exactly the way i planned it. no one would respond. like it was sorta suppose to be a discussion on the clip i showed but no one would really respond. but my teacher later had the same type of problem so i don't think it was just me. anyway somepeople said later that it was a really hard subject to present on so i guess it turned out ok. and the girl that is presenting next time came up to me after class and asked me how i knew what to present because the presentation subject is in blocks on what we are doing so she is presenting on the same subject. the guy before me that was suppose to last thursday didn't show up to present so i wasn't exactly sure what to do either. i wonder what grade he is going to get in english and i am not even sure who he is anyway. maybe he came the first day and signed up for a presentation and decided not to come to any more classes you know??

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