February 03, 2005

ramblings between classes!!!

so i am sitting here in the library in between classes!!! i was looking at this page that helps you with html. it is pretty good. i will post the link later. so someday i will actually be able to put it all together and actually have a nice webpage. i guess i will tell you when i did it. give me a while to do it because i am just learning how to do this stuff so i will be slow at first. i want the fist one to be perfect. hopefully after the first one, the next ones will be a lot better!!! and come a lot faster. so on tuesday i have my first math test. i am a little nervous about some of it but most of it i had learned in pre-cal junior year. so i think most of it will be ok. the rest of it will hopefully get a lot easier after studying. next tuesday is going to be a big day because i have a math test and a presentation in english. i don't know which one i am dreading more. because i hate giving presentations. but basically i am just going to be showing part of a movie. so i just need to figure out which one i am going to show. because it has to explain observation. any suggestions??? like right now we are doing biographies...... so that is pretty easy. someone showed forest gump because it is about the life of forest gump. some else showed part of ray. so i am not sure.

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