February 28, 2005


posting from computer class!! do you realize that is were i post from most lately?? i am so far ahead in this class. i have already finished all the assignments for this class. the teacher says something will take like an hour or more to complete but it really only takes like 15 minutes!!! like he was talking about our first powerpoint presentation assignment(which i have already done) will take an hour.....it took me 1/4th of the time. so silly. so i have lots of internet time in this class. i check my e-mail and surf people's websited and all that kind of stuff. oh my gosh!!! at the state meet last weekend in the 500 Free there was this guy named Michael Klueh from Austin Bowie high school went a 4:19.41!!!!!! that is insane!!!! there were a lot of insane swims last weekend. i wish i was there but someone had to stay home and feed all the animals and stuff!!

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