November 03, 2009

so what do you guys think of the new look? did anyone notice the new look? so it is finally november! november and december are my favorite months. i like the cooler weather and they have my favorite holidays! i love thanksgiving and christmas! all the food, music, parades, and family time! does anyone want to be on my card list? i will send you a card if you want. if you want to send me a card, my address is already on a previous post i think in june or july. i still haven't gotten a job yet. :( i am thinking about going back to school and i have thought about a couple of different degrees that i am interested and i am looking into where i can get them and what it is like in those programs. i am not sure if i can get things in gear before classes start in january but maybe i can get things moving before next summer. i wish i had really paid attention to what i wanted to do during high school. i think i would have done things totally different. there are so many things i could have done differently. i am sooo lame. today is election day. i am going to go vote later after the morning rush.

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