November 11, 2009

next week i am going to be sending out thanksgiving cards. if you want to get a card from me, please comment with your address by the end of next week. i like sending out cards. i love thanksgiving and christmas. we have been going through our house and doing a massive cleanout/organization. we went through our closet that has all the sheets and blankets and stuff. that closet has been collecting all kinds of things for the past 20 years ever since we moved into the house. we got rid of half the things in there. we had all kinds of mismatch sheets and things with stains and all so those we got rid of and the sheets we won't use ever again. so that is probably the only area that we have had total success in but we are slowly working on the rest of the house. for me i just wish i had more bookcases to put my books up in. every once in a while i go through my books and take some to half price books and some i try to sell online. selling online hasn't gone very well recently. august and september were great selling months for me but october and november haven't gone too well. plenty of people seem to be interested but no one buys.

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