November 20, 2009

so my parents are coming home tomorrow from their vacation for their anniversary. i am glad they are coming home because it has been kinda lonely here with just me and the dog. but at least i get to do whatever i want to do without anyone critizing me or being disappointed or anything. i have already gotten my christmas cards all ready to go! a little early but i had the time. i sent out my thanksgiving cards at the begining of the week. if anyone else wants a card from me, please tell me by monday. monday is the last day i can send out thanksgiving cards so that it gets to you before thanksgiving. also if you want a christmas card tell me!
i actually sold 2 things on e-bay this week! i am happy because it has been a while since i have sold anything and i am glad to finally get rid of some more things. i don't make much though. just enough to spend on other things on ebay. i generally buy things that i can't get here like Dear Canada books and My Story books. they are kinda like the dear america series except dear canada is for canada and my story is for the uk. there is also a series called my story for australia but they are pretty expensive because of the shipping from australia. so i don't have any of those yet but i have a lot of the dear canada i think about half and a few of the my story for the uk.
this week i also got a box full of yummy chocolate and brownies from my very best friend! i was soooo surprised! i love surprises. :) thank you!!
last week i had a job interview. i thought that it had gone well and the person that interviewed me seemed kinda impressed with what i had told him and all and i left with a good feeling. i had even sent them a thank you note (handwritten!) and i haven't heard back from them yet. how long would it take for them to get back with me? he said he had interview through tuesday and now it is friday. do you think he would have called by now if i was going to get a second interview? i guess i am getting nervous and i am having a feeling that i if i don't hear soon i probably won't get this one either. this is so frustrating. this was a job that i actually think i would like too. i guess i should seriously start thinking about going back to school even though i am not sure what i want to do anymore. a lot of the things i am interested in i have no talent in. it is sooo unfair. i sound like a brat.......i am so ashamed of myself and so disappointed. how can someone feel so many different feelings?

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