April 08, 2009

i need to get it together

i really probably should take the gmat or gre and get it over with. i am not even sure i want to go to graduate school but i should take the tests while i still remember stuff and the scores last for 5 years so i can use them if i change my mind. i don't even know what i want to go to graduate school for.
i am still trying to get a job. i have had only 1 job interview and it turned out to be a waste of time because they just filled it internally. they should have thought of that first before they wasted anyone's time interviewing people.
sales are picking up a little bit on my ebay and amazon stores. someone finally paid for an item they won a week and half ago. i was about to put an upaid dispute case on them. and a couple of days ago someone bought some accounting thing i had for my accounting class. someone has also finally bid on this nice watch i had listed on ebay. i have had it on there for like 3 weeks.
i so totally wish i could win the lottery. then there wouldn't be this pressure to get a great job. i would probably work at barnes and nobles or half price books or someplace that i would really enjoy working at. i wouldn't worry about finding a job that makes a lot of money because i would already have the money so if i was going to apply for a job, you would know i wanted to do it and not just have it as a job to make money.
this blog is almost 5 years old! i never thought that i would keep it so long! i have definitly gone through lots on here. sometimes i read old entries.

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