April 05, 2009

the bad news called life

so i found out that after the interviews and all the time i wasted, they decided to fill the job internally. thanks a lot. it was a job that i could actually see myself in and was totally excited about and they just tear it down. why waste my time and get my hopes up?
the worst thing i have ever done and i didn't mean to do it. so my family has a cat that lives outside. she was getting close to 20 years old. she has always been able to dodge cars and make close calls and all that stuff. so i think she had finally gone deaf. i was leaving to go to the gym and she was right behind the car and she will usually move out of the way but this time she didn't and i didn't know she was there and i ran over her...i felt the bump and i got out to see what it was and it was our cat! i couldn't believe i did that! i feel so sooosososososososososo horrible. i am now the worst person i know and probably the worst person you now know. but i really didn't mean to do it. i can't think anymore or i will start crying.
i think people out there know what i have done because no one is buying from me anymore. i really liked having to go to the post office so often. but i haven't been in a while. i guess i deserve it.

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