January 11, 2009

cleaning up and out

so today it felt like i had just too much stuff. i really felt like i needed to get ride of all kinds of stuff. but a lot of it is like old letters and notes or things that you don't want to get ride of it because you got it on a trip or you made it at camp or something like that. i just feel like if i gave something away, the next day i would wish that i had it back you know? i think that if i had my own apartment or house, i wouldn't feel that way anymore because i would be able to put everything in its own place. like i want to have a library room for all my books and then that would clear up at least 50% of my room. i would be able to displace stuff that i want and hang up all kinds of pictures and stuff. i guess i thought selling stuff on ebay and amazon would be better than they have been. oh well.

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