June 30, 2006

summer school....

today is the last day of June!! i only have 5 days left of school!! i got an 89 on my calculus test!! if i hadn't made some stupid mistakes i would have gotten an A!!! oh well!! i have a B average in calculus!!! yay!! i saw some of the grades that people got on the test and someone made a 26!!! about half the class did about the same as me and then you got the people that got the 20's, 30's and 40's!! so you have people doing pretty well and then the people doing pretty bad! i guess that is the way calculus is. if i do well on the last test and final i could get an A but i am not counting on it. it will be a good surprise though!!

June 24, 2006

i got my student id yesterday....the picture is ok. but the whole card looks kinda cool because it looks like a credit card....but it isn't. 3 weeks of school left. not much is going on. i am making tacos for my family tonight for dinner. i love tacos!! yum!

June 22, 2006

housing and mail

this will be my 400th post on here!! weeee!!! so i know when the housing assignments will be mailed out by!! i actually e-mail the housing people and they said that it would be by july 14th!! so that will be right after school gets out!! 3 weeks!! i hope i get the quad!! i was also asking them lots of questions about what we could bring and all that and they were like all that will be sent with it. so i am sure that we will be getting a huge envelope full of stuff. i love mail!! if anyone wants to be a penpal just e-mail me because i love to write letters. and love getting letters too!!
oh and i got a 87 on my second accounting test and an 81 on my second calculus test!!! i am so happy about the calculus test. at the beginning of the semester i thought i was going to fail but i can actually get a B or a C....(i got a 70 on the first test... that is why i thought i was going to fail but now i probably won't!!) :)

June 21, 2006

random thoughts

hey! i have been trying to think of more links to put on the sidebar. if you would like to have your link to your homepage on my links sidebar just comment or e-mail me!!
less than 3 weeks left of school! i can't wait until summer school is over!! i can sleep in and not have to study until the fall!! yay for summer vacation!!
once i am out of school i am really going to start looking at computers. i am thinking about the Dell Inspiron e1705 (i think that is the number). i know what kind of stuff i want in my computer, i just don't know what kind! any advice is welcome! :)
if you have anything you would like to see on the sidebar please comment. i was also thinking about putting up like a currently reading section like put a list of books that i am currently reading. that would be a lot of updating but if i get enough feedback of people that would like to see that i will put it up.
i still would like to do some post on like questions that you ask me and i will answer them and put it in on one of my posts. just some thoughts on what could make my blog more interesting. i am open to suggestions!
july 11th is the last day of classes!! i can't wait!!20 days left of school and that is including weekends!! yay!!

June 19, 2006


i am rereading the harry potter series. don't ask me why. i just sorta feel like it. i love to read. i can't wait until school is out so i can just read!! 3 weeks from tomorrow is the last day of school!! :) yay!!
it has been raining since like saturday! i love rain!! :) we needed it too!!
i wish that the housing people will hurry up and give me my housing assignment!! i can't wait to get it!! my student id should be coming in the mail soon too!! i will probably be getting a lot of mail from them in the next month or 2 now that i have signed up for classes and put in for housing and id and stuff.

June 16, 2006


i just got back from orientation at U of H!! so i have signed up for all my classes for the fall and got my id done. i was going to go to the housing to see if they would have my housing assignment but then i thought they probably wouldn't so we didn't go. i also wanted to get my parking pass but if i didn't know where i was living i wouldn't know where i would want to park. so i will probably make another trip there sometime this summer. here is my fall class schedule:
Accounting 2332- managerial accounting TTh 10:00-11:30
Economics 2304- microeconomics TTh 1:00-2:30
Management 3335-Introduction to Organization Behavior and Management MW 8:30-10:00
Marketing 3336-Elements of Marketing Management TTh 2:30-4:00
Political Science1337- Government II MWF 11:00-12:00
i love Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays!! because i will get to be done by lunch!! i think it is worth it to get up a little early to be done that early! in the mail today, i got a letter saying that i made the president's list again in the spring semester. if you guys remeber i also made it last fall too! so that is 2 semesters in a row!! yay!!

June 09, 2006


it is getting hot!!
first week of school is over!! only 5 more to go. can't wait. well actually i like my accounting class. i don't really like my calculus class but that is because my teacher complains about how we keep asking her to work problems. you know if we keep asking questions, it means we don't understand and need help which she should do and not complain about it. the stuff we are learning isn't too bad. it could be worse. i think this is the last math class i have to take. at least i don't think i have to take any more calculus!! i am not sure if i have to take statistics. i might not.
both of my classes have test on the same days all this summer!! every single test is on the same day!!! like calculus and accounting both have a test on monday!! i am glad this will be over in 5 weeks. july 11!!
got an A in sociology!! boosted my gpa up to a 3.38!

June 04, 2006

so i finished my minisemester class last friday. i think i got an A but she has not posted the grades yet so i am not sure. tomorrow i am starting the real summer school. 6 weeks of accounting and calculus. i think it will be ok. i am still nervous. i have to sell back my sociology book. after i took my sociology final the book store was closed so i have to wait until tomorrow to sell it back. unless there is a huge line or something then i will wait.

June 01, 2006


june 1st! tomorrow is the last day of my minisemester class. i am glad that it is almost over. just the final. i am ready for the summer vacation.
my transfer orientation is in 2 weeks. i am excited about it. i am ready for the fall. something different.