June 21, 2006

random thoughts

hey! i have been trying to think of more links to put on the sidebar. if you would like to have your link to your homepage on my links sidebar just comment or e-mail me!!
less than 3 weeks left of school! i can't wait until summer school is over!! i can sleep in and not have to study until the fall!! yay for summer vacation!!
once i am out of school i am really going to start looking at computers. i am thinking about the Dell Inspiron e1705 (i think that is the number). i know what kind of stuff i want in my computer, i just don't know what kind! any advice is welcome! :)
if you have anything you would like to see on the sidebar please comment. i was also thinking about putting up like a currently reading section like put a list of books that i am currently reading. that would be a lot of updating but if i get enough feedback of people that would like to see that i will put it up.
i still would like to do some post on like questions that you ask me and i will answer them and put it in on one of my posts. just some thoughts on what could make my blog more interesting. i am open to suggestions!
july 11th is the last day of classes!! i can't wait!!20 days left of school and that is including weekends!! yay!!

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