June 09, 2006


it is getting hot!!
first week of school is over!! only 5 more to go. can't wait. well actually i like my accounting class. i don't really like my calculus class but that is because my teacher complains about how we keep asking her to work problems. you know if we keep asking questions, it means we don't understand and need help which she should do and not complain about it. the stuff we are learning isn't too bad. it could be worse. i think this is the last math class i have to take. at least i don't think i have to take any more calculus!! i am not sure if i have to take statistics. i might not.
both of my classes have test on the same days all this summer!! every single test is on the same day!!! like calculus and accounting both have a test on monday!! i am glad this will be over in 5 weeks. july 11!!
got an A in sociology!! boosted my gpa up to a 3.38!

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