June 22, 2006

housing and mail

this will be my 400th post on here!! weeee!!! so i know when the housing assignments will be mailed out by!! i actually e-mail the housing people and they said that it would be by july 14th!! so that will be right after school gets out!! 3 weeks!! i hope i get the quad!! i was also asking them lots of questions about what we could bring and all that and they were like all that will be sent with it. so i am sure that we will be getting a huge envelope full of stuff. i love mail!! if anyone wants to be a penpal just e-mail me because i love to write letters. and love getting letters too!!
oh and i got a 87 on my second accounting test and an 81 on my second calculus test!!! i am so happy about the calculus test. at the beginning of the semester i thought i was going to fail but i can actually get a B or a C....(i got a 70 on the first test... that is why i thought i was going to fail but now i probably won't!!) :)

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