October 29, 2006

tons of pictures

i can't wait until thanksgiving! there is like 5 weeks left of school!! i am pretty sure that i will live at home next semester and just commute! those cool cool pillows from bed bath and beyond! i have had the red one for a while but i just go the pop tart one in september.
My new pink Razr cell phone that i got on friday! it was on sale for $99 so i thought that was a good deal! and it is a camera phone!

here are some cute halloween things my mom gave me. the 2 on the right play sounds.

so here you can see my tv, refrigerator and microwave. i also have some cups and plates and stuff. you can also see my eiffel tower poster!

so this is my side of the room. you can see my orlando bloom poster and my desk and my NEW laptop!! i have this surf board theme sheets!

so i have decorated my side of the dorm room and i put up this halloween sign. you can see the posters i put on the wall since the begining of the semester.

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