October 31, 2006


so i was sitting in my dorm room watching the simpsons and the phone rings. it was some guy i don't know. anyway he was like what are you doing and i was like nothing. then i was like who is this and he was like i think you know who it is and i was like no who is this and he was then the hottest guy in the world or something like that. that is when i got totally crept out and hung up!! i am not sure what to do. i don't have caller id in the dorm room so i don't know the phone number or name of the caller. has anyone ever gotten a call like that? maybe it was for my roommate you know one of her friends trying to play a joke but thought it was her on the phone instead of me....but i don't think so. i wonder if the university keeps dorm room numbers unlisted or not..... they should if they don't because that is creepy!! and i don't mean halloween creepy!!

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