September 21, 2006

thoughts about the day

so i just got back from hearing the speech given by Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale! i suggest if you have the opportunity to go see a speech given by him you should! he is really entertaining! his start is pretty amazing!! he started out with only $5,000!! and look where he is now! if you have seen his commercials and seen how enthusiastic he is, that is how he is in his speech. he has an amazing begining!
so i went on the klein website today and you can see the list of teachers for each subject and everything. so i went through each subject to see if any of my teachers are still there and most of them are not there anymore!! it made me sad....well for the ones that i liked. i was thinking about going and visit some of them tomorrow because i am going home tomorrow. but i will probably just stop by the pool tomorrow.

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