September 14, 2006

this week..

so this week is a lot better than i thought it would!! i think i got an A on my accounting quiz that i took on tuesday. i haven't gotten the quiz back yet but we went over the quiz in class and i think i got all but one right so i will just have to keep checking webct for the grade.
i also had an economics test on tuesday and i think i did ok.... the teacher hasn't posted the grades yet. but in class the teacher said that the average was an 81 and there were 2 100% so maybe i got a 100 but i am not going to get too overcomfident about getting 100 because i am not sure that i did get a 100. we will just have to see!
i am home for the weekend. hopefully my mom will get off work soon because i think we were going to meet for dinner! the dogs were so happy to see me when i got home! i have found that the commute home isn't too bad! it takes about 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes. it isn't too bad. i sure wouldn't mind do it everyday but i would need to get an EZtag because i have been going on the tollway because it is definitly the easiest way to go because when i come home after classes on thursday it is traffic time on the regular highway so when they are going slow i get to go 60. but i am running out of quarters so hopefully i can get an EZtag soon!

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