September 22, 2006


Ten of your favourite songs (in no particular order):
01) Welcome home-Brian Littrell
02) Best of both worlds-Hannah Montana
03) you'll be in my heart-Phil Collins
04) Seasons of love-Rent
05) Wake up-Hilary Duff
06) Breaking Free- Troy and Gaberiella (High School Musical)
07) a dream is a wish your heart makes- Disney channel circle of stars
08) Fly-hilary duff
09) any BSB song
10) i want my mullet back- billy ray cyrus

Nine objects you can find in your purse/bag:
01) Wallet
02) pens/pencils
03) textbooks
04) notebook
05) keys
06) waterbottle
07) food
08) planner
09) a book

Eight places you've visited:
01) Disneyworld
02) Mexico
03) New York City
04) Corpus Christi
05) New Mexico
06) i have driven through many states on vacation
07) many beaches
08) Washington D.C.

Seven things you've done in the past 24 hours:
01) Went to school
02) gone to randalls
03) come home
04)seen coach harwood
05) Took a shower
06) gone swimming with murphy
07) laundry

Six things you've recently bought:
01) shoes
02) books
03) food
04) videos on iTunes
05) music on iTunes
06) new clothes

Five of your favorite TV shows:
01) The Simpsons
02) King of the Hill
03) lots of shows on disney
04) lots of shows on nickelodeon
05) house hunters

Four song lyrics that amuse, touch, scare and depress you:
01) Amuse: Car Wash(Shark Tale mix)
02) Touch: Welcome Home-Brian littrell
03) Scare: i am not sure
04) Depress: i am not sure

Three things that calm you down:
01) watching tv
02) Sleeping
03) Talking to friends and family

Two objects you can't live without:
01) A book
02) A car

One reason why you filled out this meme:
01) Boredom

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