August 10, 2006


so in a week from tomorrow i will be moving into the dorms! i am kinda nervous and scared. but also excited!! i have been shopping for things that i will need for my dorm room like a refrigerator. we have been looking for a good microwave for cheap but we haven't found one yet. i got a lot of new clothes last weekend att the tax free weekend. so i have been trying to think of all the things i would like to take to school and how to pack it.
oh i got the bill for next semester. you know how i got a letter saying that i got a scholarship for next year? well it isn't showing up on my bill and nothing has been taken off of the bill. so we e-mailed the contact e-mail that was on the letter. but then we got an e-mail back saying it couldn't delivered!! grrr and there is no phone number to call about it either!!

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