August 22, 2006

first day of school

so i have had my first day of school. my classes don't seem to be too bad.....but what is with all the saturday tests?? in like 3 classes they are having us take the tests on a saturday!! i don't want to be here on a saturday!!
i have spent about $230 in the past 2 days. mostly it was spent on my parking pass. my parking pass was $161 but it is for the whole year so that isn't too bad!! then i had to buy some extra things for some of my classes. like a clicker...has anyone else had to use these?? my government teacher is making us buy them so we can do attendence with them and take polls during class. blah! but those clickers are pretty expensive!! you have to pay $17 for the actual clicker and then you have to register it!! so that isn't fun.

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