August 31, 2006

labor day weekend

so i am home for a 4 day weekend!! since i don't have friday classes and there is no school on monday so it is a 4 day weekend! also mom and dad are moving aisnley into school. so i am home to take care of the dogs and cat. but i don't mind!! i love being home. i am not ashamed to admit it. i am the opposite of a college student. most can't wait to get away from home but i can't wait to go home. i love my family expecially my parents. when i came home yesterday and realized my sister wouldn't be here, i really started to miss her too. we have shared a bathroom for as long as i can remember. i have found that i don't mind commuting. so maybe next year i will live at home and commute to school. i am a wimp. today i got this cute little teddy bear from the school store and i bought it a cute little u of h shirt to wear. maybe i will post a picture of it later.
school hasn't been too bad. my favorite days are monday and wednesday because i am done by 12 and friday because i have no classes!! tuesdays and thursdays are really long.

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