April 06, 2006

random stuff

i can't believe that i have had almost 7,000 visit to this site over almost 2 years. i never thought that so many people would come and read my thoughts and see what is going on. also this site will be 2 years old on April 26 i think. yay!
i also finished Gilmore Girls Season 3 i think last week. so i have started watching season 4.
just about a month until finals start. i can't wait till this semester is over. i hopefully will like my new classes in the summer! and no more english!! yay!! at least i hope so!! :) i will also not have to drive so far!! that gets a super YAY!! i am down to 1 paper in english and 1 test or less in each class not including the final except for english where this last paper is sort of the paper because it is due on the last day of regular classes.

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