April 25, 2006

My birthday!

so my birthday was yesterday. it was good. i got 2 movies: dodgeball and memoirs of a geisha which i am currently reading the book. i got a barnes and nobles card too and an iTunes card too. we went to stracks for dinner where i did have chicken fried chicken. i had a craving for it and it tasted so good!!
it was suppose to rain but it hasn't yet. i hope it does. i like rain and we haven't gotten much rain this year. just a little over 2 weeks left of school. my last final is on may 11 i think. sometime that week anyway. then i have a few days off and then i am taking a minisemester class and then i am taking the summer session 1. i am taking july off to get ready to transfer to u of h (yes i decided to go there!) then i think we are going on vacation sometime there at the end of july/begining of august before everyone has to go back to school. i think i start august 21st or somewhere around there. ainsley doesn't have to be at school until the next week for orientation i think. i think andrew starts the wednesday before me. i am not totally sure but it really doesn't matter.
oh and if you noticed i changed my summer classes. i decided to take accounting instead of government and economics. i am still taking the math class.

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