April 12, 2006


my computer is making me mad right now!! i want a new computer so badly. it has just been getting so slow lately. but it worked so well until last may i think when i got the stupid virus and it hasn't worked as well since. i need more memory and RAM. anyone like their computers a lot and have suggestions on what to get? Do you like Dell or compaq or hp or gateway or apple? desktop or laptop? you know the basics about your computer that you like. so hopefully i will know exactly what i want if i can get one. i think my mom will let me get one because she was like look to see what the schools you are transfering to require in computers. i have looked and they do require more memory than i have currently and more RAM too so hopefully i can comvince my parents to let me get a new one! Andrew had been through 2 computer by the time he was a sophmore but that was because his first one got stolen but still and he just got a new one so it isn't exactly fair. i have the money to get one too but it is all in the bank and last time i tried to put money in/get cash out they were like you need to have a parent with you and some crap like that because they still think i a minor or something because my mom started my account for me or something. it is really stupid. you know i am almost 20 i think i can manage my money by myself.

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