March 31, 2006


so i applied to U of H over spring break. they finally got all my transcripts and all my classes transfer. but they haven't said if i got in yet or not. i will probably know by next week. on friday we are going to visit the campus. i think i will get in. if i don't i guess i will be going to Sam Houston. it will make my decision easier. but i think if i get in to U of H i will go there. i won't have to take anymore english classes there other than English 1 and 2. at sam you have to take another english class after that. blah. i hate english classes.
for the minisemester i am taking Sociology 1301. it is from 2:30-5:35. i am so glad it isn't at 8am! i hate early classes even thought it means you will get done early but i don't like getting up early either.
for the summer session 1 i am taking:
8:00-10:10 Economics 2302 (microeconomics)
10:20-12:30 Government 2302
12:40-2:50 Math 1325 elements of calculus
i am taking all this at willowchase which is like 5 to 10 minutes from my house depending on traffic. so i don't mind going to an 8am class. and it isn't far from my gym so hopefully i will go to the gym after school more often! i am not sure what the math class is like. it is required for business at u of h so i am taking it. i am not sure why they don't have us take regular calculus but maybe this class will be easier. we will see.

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