March 07, 2006

harry potter

so everyone should know that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came out on DVD today. so i went out to get it. then i come home and open it up and there is only one disc. so i was like ok they were able to get it all onto one disc. but then i saw on the news that there are 2 different DVDs that you can get. one with just the movie and then there is one that has the movie and the special stuff. i was stupid enough to not look at it and i saw that i had grabbed one with just the movie. so now i am feeling really stupid because i want the special stuff too. but since i have already opened it i can't return it. so if anyone wants to burn a copy of their 2nd disc that has all the special stuff on it to give it to me that would be so great!! you can consider it as an early birthday present!! just e-mail me!

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