March 17, 2006

Spring Break

so my spring break has been really boring. i really haven't done anything. i have been pretty lazy. i have pretty much been reading some books. i went to barnes and nobles one day. i got this A-list book and this other book that i forgot the name of.
today i applied to U of H. i put in a request for my transcript to be sent. so at least i was somewhat productive. i hope i get in!
i registered for summer school. i am taking 4 classes. this summer i am going to take them at willow chase. it is so much closer. i am taking sociology 1301 in the minisemester because it sounds like a really easy class. then in the summer session 1 i am taking government II, microeconomics, and elements of calculus. i am not sure what the elements of calculus class is like but that is a class they require for my major at u of h so i thought i would go ahead and take it. i decided to take them at willow chase because the classes start at 8am so i didn't want to drive 30 minutes to an 8am class you know?
enough about that! i hope everyone had a good spring break so far.

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