December 12, 2005

the new AIM

so has anyone seen the new AIM? it is called AIM titan or something like that. i am trying it out. i think i like it better than the old one but i am not sure yet. i just got it sunday so i am not sure what to think about it. but no problems yet. i have been writing my review of the harry potter movie but i am not done with it yet. i will post it when i am done. it will be probably thursday or so.
did i ever write about the Jingle Jam concert? i don't think so. so i will write about it now!!
it was so awesome!! most of the acts i really didn't know much about. i had recognized some of the songs that i had heard on the radio but i didn't know who they were by but now i do! the best act was of course the Backstreet Boys!! i so totally loved it!! and we had really close seats. about 10th row!! we weren't exactly sure how many rows were in the section before us but we were only 25 feet or less from the stage. i mean really close!! thanks Robin!!! she was the one that got us the great tickets!! :)

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