December 16, 2005

grades part 2

history: A!!!!!!

i am so happy about the A in history!! so now i am waiting on economics and trig. i think i might get an A in economics. no idea about trig. that A made my day!! :)
i just got back from doing some christmas shopping. i went to barnes and nobles and got 2 books for me and 2 christmas presents. so 4 down and 2 left. i think that is pretty good. so i have more than a week to get 2 presesnts. i first have to get some $$ out of my savings account.
the 2 books i got are City of the Beast by Isabel Allende and Kingdom of the Golden Dragon by the same person. they are actually in a series. i read the City of the Beast in hight shool. i thought it was pretty good. so i am now going to reread it and then read the 2nd one.

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