November 09, 2005


so i had a trig test today. i don't think i did as well on this one as i did on the first one. i hope i past though.
i am starting to make my schedule for the spring. i don't think i have to take any more sciences!!! i am glad to get that out of the way. but i have to take english 1302. blah. oh well. but i think i am going to take finite math because at all the schools i am looking at they want finite math so i think i am going to take it in the spring. i am going to also try to take speech government and art history or economics or some combination of those or socialogy or pyschology. i don't know which ones but i am going to take some combination of those either in the spring or summer. very different classes from the ones i have been taking i think. but NO MORE SCIENCES!! i am happy about that. on-line registration started last monday but i am not sure what i am taking so i haven't signed up for anything yet. i won't get worried until after thanksgiving.

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