November 15, 2005


so i finally got my economics midterm back today. i got a 94!! :) so i think i will probably get in an A in that class this semester. my economics teacher is giving us another take home test on thursday because we are so far behind because of the hurricane/teacher sick/getting hurt. pretty much a series of unfortunate events. she doesn't want to waste a class period on a test that will only take us like 30 minutes so she wants to use the class period to teach us what will be on the final instead so it works out for us because we will get a take home test and learn stuff that will be on the final. can't believe that there is only 4 weeks left of school. i might get an A in history too depends on how well i do on my final. i am not sure about trig. probably a B. i don't really care about that class. i probably shouldn't have taken it in the first place. i think i have decided on an accounting degree and the math class that they want finite math. i have also found out that trig and college algebra both transfer as pre-calculus but i didn't find that out until like last week. oh well.
i am ready for thanksgiving and christmas!! i am ready for this semester to be over. i am going to try to make sure that next semesters classes are fun and at least interesting. i am going to try to make my classes somewhere between 10 and 4 too. i don't like 9 am classes. i will just have to see what i can get. i need to do that quickly before they fill up!!!

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