April 20, 2005

school and stuff

last night i registered for my fall classes. i am taking 2 at willowchase and 3 at cyfair. i think my earliest class is at 9am i think. that is not too bad. i could not do 8am classes expecially if i have to drive 30 minutes. i am taking:
Bio 1408
chem 1411
arts 1304
hist 1302
govt 2302
i am taking bio and hist at willowchase and the others at cyfair just in case you are interested. i am so excited about my bowling class this summer. we are having a free day in my computer class so that is why i am on here talking about pointless stuff.
in 3 weeks are finals. yeah. i was looking at my math grade and i noticed that if i got a 0 on my final which is 150 points i can still get a D!!! i thought that is so cool. when i told my parents that they were like we don't want you to get a D. we want you to get better than that. i knew that but i just thought the idea of just not doing anything for the final and still passing was cool. i am not going to get a 0 on the final!!
my birthday is on sunday. i think we might go to my church's spring festival on sunday. i don't know what else we are going to do. might go out to eat. oh well.
i can't wait to see murphy (my brother's dog). he is so pretty. and such soft fur!!! a bit hyper though but what do you expect from a puppy? my dog used to by hyper but no so much anymore since he is like 12 or 13 i can't remember which. but still he is getting old. but he is my little buddy too.
it rained a little bit on the way home from school yesterday. it is a little cloudy today too. i like rain.
oh i had an idea to increase the amount of people reading this and thought that we could have like a daily question submitted by you the readers. so if you want to submit a question you can leave a comment with the question or e-mail me!! i got the idea from a guy who had this interview thing up on his page.

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