April 11, 2005

i don't have a good title

so it is less than 2 weeks until my birthday. here is a list of what i would like if anyone is interested:
-an ipod
-cable in my room
-if i get an ipod i would like a gift certificate to itunes
-barnes and noble gift card
-sack of money (just kidding but if you really want to...)
-probably any gift card to anywhere.....i like to shop!!
-preorder harry potter and the half blood prince for me!!!

not much of a list but still. i signed up for a bowling class for this summer!! it will fill the requirements for the PE thing. i thought it sounded so cool. i haven't bowled in a long time!! so if anyone wants to take it with me i will tell you which bowling class i am in!!

so it was storming outside when i was driving to school. it looks better out now but i think more is to come. i love rain. but i don't exactly like driving in it!!

and i will have been doing this blogging thing for almost a year!! i started in april 2004 but i am not sure on the exact date so i will look it up and i will probably make a big post on the day so yeah!!

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